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Dr. Sanjeev Singh Chawla is the second generation of doctors in his family carrying over the legacy of his father Dr. Lal Singh's Vision, “Homoeopathy to be the first line preferred choice of treatment.” Inspired and motivated by his father's vision Dr. Sanjeev Singh Chawla's mission was also aimed to set new standards for Homoeopathy, making the science most popular system of medicine benefiting the suffering humanity by preventing, early detecting and curing diseases to make everybody healthy by using all its natural laws and remedies. 

Highly impressed by his father's dedication and love for humanity Dr. Sanjeev Singh Chawla joined the same stream of medicine and graduated in the year 1991 from Homoeopathic Medical College, Chandigarh. As he has inherited all his professional qualities from his family tree and his 3rd decade of medical career is full of successful memories of curing simple to even worst diseases. He never worked for awards but awards followed him. Not only as a doctor but also a genuine human being who is totally focused to his patients a simple positive note of life against any odds. 

He was awarded with Dr. Yudhvir Singh Award in 1999 and followed by Appreciation Award in April 2006 by the Delhi Board of Homoeopathic System of Medicine, Delhi Government. And again in the year 2007 The Board of Homoeopathic System of Medicine and Delhi Homoeopathic Federation have bestowed the “Lifetime Achievement Award” on Dr. Sanjeev Singh Chawla for his contribution in the field of Homoeopathy on 29th of April 2007 presented by Dr. A.K.Walia, Finance minister, Delhi Government. Dr.Diwan Harish Chand Award in 2012 by the Board of Homoeopathic System of Medicine, Delhi Govt.


Dr.Sanjeev Singh Chawla continued his homoeopathic practice and showed the healing powers and efficacy of homoeopathic science not only to his patients but also to the fellow allopathic doctors, and thus gave homoeopathy an almost parallel status at the time when people hardly knew about this science. He always had a strong desire to promote homoeopathy, not only as an alternative medicine but as a complete science. Dr Sanjeev Singh Chawla has a distinction of having treated eminent patients from various faculties such as scientists, medical doctors, researchers, diplomats, royal families, ministers, film celebrities, professors, high profile government officers, etc. from many countries. At the same time, he is easily accessible to all patients.


 He is the Editor of monthly newsletter “HEALTH AND YOU” which is published every month teaching about the various disorders and their homoeopathic cure. Dietary precautions are also suggested in this newsletter which helps people in improving their health by having proper diet according to their work and daily routine. Prevalent seasonal disease is also discussed so that people can take precautions accordingly and can remain healthy. Monthly health forecast is given in this newsletter to aware masses about upcoming health hazards. More and more doctors are encouraged to send their articles and testimonials in this newsletter so that their ideas can be shared with the masses. Around 10,000 copies are published monthly and send throughout India to interested people through courier.


Dr Sanjeev Singh Chawla has produced some short audio visual films on Homoeopathy. His aim is to promote homoeopathy as a complete medicine and treatment. There are many myths in the minds of people regarding homoeopathy. By these audio visual advertisements, he has tried to make people aware about the results of homoeopathy and resolve all myths. People think that homoeopathy contains steroids but to bring awareness to people, that homoeopathy does not contain steroids and it is the safest mode of treatment. He has made 4 audio visual advertisements showing that there is treatment for all diseases in homoeopathy. These advertisements are run in many National Channels 4 times a day to promote homoeopathy. These advertisements are run at Railway Stations also so as to reach maximum number of people. These advertisements are made in public interest. 

He feels honoured in media promotion of his slogan HOMOEOPATHY HAI NAA (which is registered trademark slogan of Dr. Lal Singh's Foundation). He has been quite successful in his efforts in promoting homoeopathy through this.


Dr Sanjeev Singh Chawla always remember his father Dr. Lal Singh’s words “if in the course of one day, you smile and are able to make a child or a person smile during their painful period, you would have done your bit; you would have given their life a meaning.” This explains why Dr. Lal Singh’s foundation tries to “bring back the smile to people in need of care and support, medication and education, while they are passing through the difficult phase of life, where a poor person feels helpless.

Today as a president and Founder of Dr Lal Singh’s Foundation Dr Chawla feels honored to serve the society by treating and curing almost all medical problems through our free medical camps and charitable Homoeopathy dispensaries. In the past 4 years, he was able to serve more than lakhs of patients. He feel privileged in sharing with you that with the media promotion of our slogan HOMOEOPATHY HAI NAA (which is registered trade mark slogan of Dr. Lal Singh’s foundation), he has been successfully promoting homoeopathy. In an effort to popularize this science among one and all, a 24 hours helpline for homoeopathy- 01141600016 has also been set up. Friends you will be surprised and sad to know that we have received more than a million calls, most of them enquiring what homoeopathy is?? He feels happy that he was able to educate atleast the people of Delhi and NCR about efficacy of homoeopathy and how it cures. Thus, spreading awareness and educating masses about the myths and facts related to homoeopathy.

When we talk about parallel status of homoeopathy to that of modern medicine, we know we need to be updated in our knowledge. And for doing that we are not running away from our responsibility. He promoted and educated the homoeopaths associated with us by sharing Dr. Lal Singh’s more than 4 decades vast successful clinical experience along with the nutraceutical way of healing with homoeopathic medicines and also time to time tested them for their knowledge and given them certificates and awards.


Dr. Lal Singh’s Expertise is one of the leading companies of Medicine Sector. He started his operation in 2007 with a vision to create a healthier world with a motto of “Best Quality, On Time, Every Time” . His dedicated team efforts and hard work with his motto Best Quality, On Time, Every Time helped him to grow faster and in such a short span of time enjoying high reputation in all over India.

Dr. Lal Singh Expertise, is a multidimensional Global Health Company,engaged in the trading, manufacturing, Import & Export, of Dietary Supplement, Herbal Cosmetics, and Homoeopathic Formulations & Diagnostics. Dr. LalSinghExpertise has been established in 2007-08 with a vision “To be the trusted healthcare provider”, driven by Excellence through Innovation, Quality & Patient Safety leader in the Direct Selling Industry in India. Spearheaded by the Chairman of the Board Dr. Sanjeev Singh, having 27 years of experience, Dr. Lal Singh Expertise possesses a unique blend of Talent, Skills, Science and Business acumen to anticipate and respond to its customer. Based in Delhi, DrLal Singh Expertise has created a unique portfolio of products at the forefront of scientific developments in key sectors, including Homeopathy and nutritional health. Designed to provide maximum efficacy by supporting the human body in its own natural processes, each product is developed using the latest research available, and produced to the highest standards.

Throughout his company manufactured products adhere to all WHO-cGMP Guidelines concerning the pre-use and in process testing of raw material, finished product and packaging. As part of our uncompromising Quality Control, we continuously test the stability of all our products during stated shelf life. We are offering unique high-quality products in the areas of Homoeopathy, Nutraceutical, Beauty and skin care Products. Having the strong commitment of our management, we have embarked on a new journey of growth.


H4H is an initiative of Dr Sanjeev Singh Chawla with vision of empowering Homoeopaths to help themselves and to serve the society in a better way. His father Dr. Lal Singh being his inspiration, always quote the following: 'Allow your passion to become your purpose and it will one day, become your profession. 'After God the society considers the 'Medical practice' as the noblest profession and the 'Doctors' as the 'Chosen ones' to save the humanity. But in today's rat race we tend to forget the compassion of our profession. He aspires to bring out this compassion of servitude among the homoeopaths and drive them to the charitable cause of helping the society. Through this, he want to see all Homoeopaths, throughout India on a common platform to motivate them to work for the social cause and for charity along with their ongoing private practice.

Moving forward with the aim of connecting all Homoeopaths together he launched an international platform GLOBAL CONNECT PROGRAMME where we integrate technology to create an agile healthcare platform. A leap of faith to connect homoeopaths around the world. A faith to give every single patient around the world, an equal opportunity to connect with the best pool of homoeopaths, to give homoeopaths a platform to share their thoughts & suggestions. Last but not the least, to create an association of homoeopaths who can serve and treat every individual who believes in homoeopathy. His objective is to create a platform where doctors are available to their patients round the clock regardless of the time. He wish that no homoeopath should go jobless and working towards this he has given employment to nearly 25 homoeopaths with handsome salaries by setting up 20 charitable homoeopathic dispensaries and planning to setup more and more dispensaries so that homoeopathy should be in the air of Delhi and NCR where doctors are available all 6 days a week both morning and evening hours.


Every few months CME’s are conducted by him for the doctors. They are taught about different specialized fields by professionals and specialists. Presentations are given on specialized topics for their better understanding. After the CME’s online exam related to the same, are conducted for the doctors. Doctor can appear for the online exam. After the results, qualified doctors are certified on our annual function. This way he gives them the opportunity to increase their knowledge and perspective of the disease. He promotes Homoeopathy and also give knowledge to doctors about the supplements which are required for a healthy life. As we cannot get adequate minerals required by our body through food, so need for supplements arises and this knowledge is given to doctors. Doctors are told about the ingredients and their usages so that best treatment could be given to the patients. The doctors get benefited from these CME’s and workshops.


Dr Sanjeev Singh Chawla has touched lives of thousands of people. The homeopathic communication is more holistic, life-entangling involvement rather than merely pathological interpretation. His work entailed active understanding of the life space situations of many thousands people. As a result, over last three decades, he has worked not only as a clinician but also contributed a lot to the lives of his patients by active guidance and mentoring.Hundreds of patients from many walks of life, varying from high end industrialists to professionals, doctors, artists, businessmen, and others, would often visit Dr Shah as patients, even after they were cured of the ailments; simply to spend some time and take guidance for some tough life-situations. And, Dr Chawla would generously offer his thoughts, suggestions and guidance.

Dr Chawla’s knack of putting himself in the position of others; with his wisdom and approach, allows him to think of solutions for them. He tends to be brutally honest explain exactly how it is rather than downplay any weaknesses he might see in his clients.

He is a motivational trainer, having an ability to evoke a hope in anyone, directing one to wake up and move ahead no matter how hard-hitting situation in life may be. He knows how to show a hope even in an apparently hopeless condition.

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