Myths & Facts of Homoeopathy


Myth :- It is slow to act 

FACT :- This is a myth .The fact is, relief from Homoeopathic medicine can be seen within few minutes to some hours. In acute conditions homoeopathy not only gives instantaneous results but also cuts short the period of illness with a shorter convalescent period, the long lasting weakness or relapses seen after the conventional treatment of acute diseases can be done away with Homoeopathy. This myth is popular, because most of the people approaching a Homoeopath after they have tried all treatments and by that time their acute complaints have become chronic. Homoeopathy is, in fact, FAST AND RAPID IN ACTION in conditions like acute infections, fever, diarrhoea, etc. while in cases of chronic diseases as the disease has been there since a long time it does take time to cure but recognizable improvement starts within two to three weeks time. in fact even in acute situations & conditions e.g. fevers, acute sore throats, injuries, burns, insect bites etc. , correct observation & eliciting appropriate symptoms, a keen eye & open mind help in prescribing for these acute conditions. 

Myth :- Homoeopathy is more placebo effect and faith healing 

FACT :- Scientific double blind randomized clinical trials & carefully conducted clinical proving of these dilutions (Homoeopathic medicines) proves otherwise & these trials have been duly recorded & can be repeated. Scientific double blind studies have indicated that homoeopathy is far above the placebo effect. The effect of homoeopathic medicine has been observed during clinical trials carried out for various diseases. Recognized homoeopathic institutions are carrying out these clinical trials. There is a regulating body, the Central Council of Research in Homoeopathy, which monitors these research works and keeps record of these trials with scientific evidence. 

Myth :-  All medicines look same 

FACT :- All homoeopathic medicines are not same though they look alike. As the vehicle used to dispense them is common i.e. white sweet pills, one may get the impression that all homoeopathic medicines are the same. Since the homoeopathic medicines are prepared or diluted in alcohol first and taking it in that form is not only difficult but impractical as well. The founder of homoeopathy devised this most benign and simple method only for the convenience of dispensing the minute doses of homoeopathic medicines with ease and precision. 

Myth :- Homoeopathy is not for first aid. 

FACT :- Homoeopathy works wonder in cases of sprains and strains, concussions, minor cuts and wounds, burns and scalds, sunburn, bites and stings, blisters, toothache, bleeding hemorrhoids, hiccoughs etc. 

Myth :- Homoeopathy first increases the disease condition & then relieve 

FACT :- Whenever a right homoeopathic remedy is chosen, it is supposed to relieve the complaints & not to increase. It does happen that some of the symptoms, previously suppressed with non Homoeopathic medicines, may come on surface only to be cured properly by the same medicine. Homoeopathic aggravation is a term applied for a short rise in intensity of the physical symptom with feeling of general well-being as the vital energy is concentrating on the affected organ while bringing the system at ease. For example if a patient suffering with fever is given the right homoeopathic medicine visibly the fever might rise further briefly but the patient will rather start feeling better almost instantly his throat pain, headache or body ache or any concomitant symptoms will become less intense and he / she descend in deep and refreshing sleep. 

Myth :- Restriction for diet during the treatment 

FACT :- Since all Homoeopathic medicines are absorbed from the tongue & buccal mucosa ( inner lining of the mouth ) -- which is abundantly supplied with nerve endings, it is advised to patients that they refrain from eating or drinking anything for 15 minutes before & after taking the Homoeopathic medicine. Also it is wiser to rinse one's mouth if one has eaten anything strong smelling such as garlic onion etc. Excess of coffee, alcohol, tobacco are restricted (as they are stimulants) esp. in patients who are restless or anxious. Dietary restrictions at times are suggested totally on the basis of the disease patient is suffering from & the stage of the disease. Besides, to chew Tobacco or betel, excessive use of alcohol and other narcotics or harmful substances are established health hazards & prohibited not only by homoeopaths but by all systems of medicines. Here too a real homoeopath would rather use these cravings as guiding symptoms and try to fight them at that level only i.e. try and reduce the dependence of the patients on such harmful stimulants as well as motivate the patient to use his her own will and conscience against the addiction. 

Myth :- Only chronic cases can be cured by homoeopathy 

FACT :- The notion that homoeopathy works well in chronic cases is true but it works equally well in acute cases too with the additional advantage that the recurrence of acute problems like that of tonsillitis, recurrent cold and coughs, frequent skin allergies is markedly reduced by the use of constitutional homoeopathic medications. Homoeopathy has excellent medicines to treat colic, diarrhoea, headache, cough, toothache, viral fevers etc. 

Myth :- One can't take them in diabetes as pills are sweet. 

FACT :- The amount of sugar in these pills is almost negligible and, the doses needed are also so small in Homoeopathy. Moreover, they have never caused any harm in any case of Diabetes mellitus till date. Sugar free pills are also available. If necessary, medicines can be given in distilled water also. 

Myth :- Disease diagnosis is not important in Homoeopathy 

FACT :- In fact diagnosis is of utmost importance for a Homoeopath as his sound knowledge of disease will help him differentiate between common symptoms of disease and the individualistic symptoms of person thus help him select the homoeopathic medicine on individualistic symptoms which is basis of homoeopathic prescription. 

Myth :- Homoeopathy can only help functional problems such as pain, weakness. 

FACT :- Homoeopathy has proved its efficacy for the treatment of structural pathology. Numerous documented cases where the reversal of the structural pathology has taken place indicating the depth of homoeopathy action. Clinical studies on diseases like hepatitis, renal calculi, cancer, tumours, fibroids, polyps have shown improvement with homoeopathic medicines. Disease where irreversible structural changes have taken place like malignancies and AIDS Homoeopathy is given to improve the quality of life. 

Myth :- With Homoeopathy, other conventional medicines such as anti-Hypertensive or Anti-diabetic drugs have to be totally discontinued. 

FACT :- Homoeopathy treats the individual patient as a whole human being in context of the long term health & well being & even with conventional medicines, it is imperative that patients continue their medication which are acting on the physiological plane, but do so judiciously & under the guidance of experienced physicians.  

Myth :- Homoeopathy is not safe & cannot be prescribed during pregnancy or to lactating/nursing mothers. 

FACT :- In Homoeopathy infinitesimal minute doses, which have been prepared in dilutions which do not cause any toxicity, Pathogenicity; but on the contrary help the person's individual constitution & immune system & are useful for the Mother-to-be's general resistance as well as for problems encountered during pregnancy like nausea, vomiting etc. without any iatrogenic risk.  

Myth :- In Cancers, Homoeopathy is not advisable esp. in conjunction with radio- & chemotherapy. 

FACT :- The prime role of helping the patient's immune status, promoting & restoring health is highlighted when Homoeopathic medicines are used to help such patients whose blood counts reduce after chemotherapy & these wonderful pills boost their general resistance. 

Myth :- Homoeopathy with Allopathic Medicines - Is it Justified? 

FACT :- There is no rationale of stopping Allopathic drugs and Homoeopathic medicine can be given concurrently, since Homoeopathic potencies act on a dynamic plane whereas Allopathic drugs act on a physico-chemical level. 

Myth :- Homoeopathy is useful only for the chronic conditions and has no role for acute ailments 

FACT :- Homoeopathy is a great alternative medicine for acute diseases. In fact, we treat large number of acute ailments varying from cough-cold-fever to pneumonia, tonsillitis, hepatitis, sinusitis,etc. Homoeopathy is a real alternative medicine for most acute conditions. 

Myth :- When it comes to handling infections, nothing can beat antibiotics. 

FACT :- Over an again, thousands of practitioners world over, have repeatedly and regularly observed that infections of all kind including the bacterial infections, respond beautifully to homoeopathy and no antibiotics are required for most of such conditions. It is in rare cases when the infection is very massive and the body has lost the vitality to recover, probably antibiotics are required for most of such conditions. It is in rare cases when the infection is very massive and the body has lost the vitality to recover, probably antibiotics are required in addition to homoeopathy.   

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