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Homoeopathic system of medicine is the second largest medical system in the world according to the World Health Organization (WHO) statistics. This system originated in Germany 200 years ago and it is practiced in more than 60 countries. In India alone there are more than 3,00,000 institutionally qualified Homoeopathic doctors. These medicines are used world wide for more than 2 centuries and side effects/adverse effects were not reported till date. Govt of India has recognized this system and regulations for practicing Homoeopathic system of medicines were formulated. There are more than 200 undergraduate colleges and around 25-30 postgraduate colleges of Homoeopathy are there in India.

Homoeopathy is effective in acute as well in chronic diseases. But many a times people have a wrong notion that Homoeopathy is effective only in chronic cases and in acute illnesses one need to go for Allopathy. It is totally a wrong concept. Many of the acute illnesses are easily managed with Homoeopathic medications like acute respiratory infection, fever, throat infection, severe headache, dysmenorrhea, severe joint pains, ear ache, loose stools etc. Meantime Homoeopathy is useful in recurrent, refractory chronic diseases as well.

Fundamentally homoeopathic medicines are not steroids nor they contain steroids. Any committed, qualified and knowledgeable homoeopath need not use steroid or mix steroid preparation with homoeopathic medicines. The safe and effective homoeopathic preparations in all dosage from are effective in acute and chronic problems providing excellent result by way of catalyzing body's immune response to fight against the disease condition or metabolic disorders.

What everyone should know!!

Homoeopathic medicines are potentised and there is hardly any physiological dosage of drug substance so how any potentised homoeo medicine can contain steroids.....

Homoeopathic Medicines are prepared strictly in a standardised manner by combining medicinal dilution with potentisation.

Serial dilutions reduces quantity of medicines, while simultaneous potentisation raises its efficacy to unbelievable heights. Extreme dilution renders medicines free of side-effects, whereas potentisation render it with million fold efficacy. It is paradoxical that despite reduction in medicinal quantity, its curative powers are multiplied due to potentisation. By repeating the process, it achieves phenomenal powers to cure. With reduction in medicinal material, side-effects are zero and only healing powers are left in higher potencies .This is the greatest Hahnemannian gift to the ailing world, simultaneously, the greatest medical puzzle to modern medicine. Sources of medicine ranges from inorganic salts, minerals, metals, herbs, vegetations, plant juices, biological products, animal products, energies [x-ray], inert materials and many others. It was really a wonder that even sand gave excellent medicine -- siliceae. Medicines are prepared with dilution and potentisation in inert vehicles like lactose sugar, alcohol, or water etc.

Medicines are named according to its source and method of dilution and potentisation . For example, Arnica 30 means So original 1 ml of arnica plant juice is diluted by a factor of 1/100 every time , for 30 times, with potentisation . So original 1 ml of arnica plant juice is diluted serially with zillions of litres of alcohol for dilution with potentisation . This method of preparation of homoe medicines seems controversial to Modern Pharmacology or Chemistry because according toAvogadro's number, no substance can found above trillionth dilution. In other words even the most sensitive laboratory can hardly detect any drug substance in or above 12 potency.

They think medicines cannot work this way. Till today, we have no answer, why it should work at all. Despite this unanswered enigma, it cured millions of patients, all types acute / chronic / serious / injuries /burns/allergies/ psychiatric/ paediatric and what not. So it works definitely and works still better with higher dilution. Arnica works from zero dilution to cm dilution [diluted 100,000 times] best results are not with undiluted arnica, but 1000 or 10000 or 50000 times diluted arnica. It seems that medicine produces imprints on the vehicle [alcohol or sugar] and with repeated process though medicinal quantity is reduced materially ,but its imprint on vehicle is sharpened for longer life [ homoeopathic medicines have no expiries except if heated . Heat destroys medicinal image on the alcohol /sugar. One drop of medicine can cure millions of patients.

Homoeopathic medicines containing steroids is nothing but MYTH & MISCONCEPTION. Homoeopathic medicines when tested may give false positive reaction for steroids because of the presence of LACTOSE POWDER, which is often used as a vehicle for dispensing of Homoeopathic medicines.

In fact most milk products including lactose, cane/beet sugar & certain plants derivatives will give false positive test for steroids if the laboratory uses the colorimetric methods.

In this method when a steroid or any reducing sugar is present in the material to be tested, a brilliant blue coloured compound called 'farmazan' is produced as a result of the reaction between the tetrazolium blue salts used in the test & the sample.

Most Homoeopaths worldwide use saccharum lactose [sugar of milk] as a base to administer the homoeopathic remedy or pills that are made of cane sugar or sucrose, a reducing sugar.Moreover all homoeopathic remedies have ethyl alcohol as a preserving agent so if drug contains any lactose or sucrose it will impact a strong colour which will give false impression of presence of steroids.

One of the only conclusive methods is the ''UV absorption methods'' using spectrophotometry. The ''LIEBERMANN burchard TEST ''is a specific test to confirm the presence of steroids in Homoeopathic Medicines but since it is a very costly test laboratory doesn't use it.

In fact it is to be admitted that steroids don't cure all ailments but Homoeopathic Medicines have succeeded to harmlessly abolish various diseases without any side effects that steroids cause.


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