Homeopathy has no Steroids

Fundamentally homoeopathic medicines are not steroids nor they contain steroids. Any committed qualified and knowledgeable homoeopath need not use steroids preparations with homoeopathic medicines. The safe and effective homoeopathic preparations in all dosage are effective in acute and chronic problems providing excellent result by way of catalyzing body’s immune response to fight against the disease condition or metabolic disorders. There is a misconception about homeopaths using steroids. The response to administration of steroids in a log of disease is unbelievably amazing and fast. This may lead to a thinking that any problem which responds quickly or positively to a prescription should be because of steroid! If a given case under homoeopathic prescription does unbelievably well responds in time less than anticipated, it is often blamed on steroid or a steroid like effect.

  • Homoeopathic medicines are potentised and there is hardly any physiological dosage of drug substance. So how any potentised homoeopathic medicine can contain steroids.
  • Homoeopathic Medicine are prepared strictly in a standardized manner by combining medicinal dilution with potentisation.
  • Homoeopathic medicines when tested may give false positive reaction for steroids because of the presence of LACTOSE POWDER, which is often used as a vehicle for dispensing of Homoeopathic medicines.
  • In fact it is to be admitted that steroids don’t cure all ailments but Homoeopathic Medicines have succeeded to harmlessly abolish various diseases without any side effects that steroids cause.

Difference Between Homeopathy Medicines and Steroids